Governance and Productivity

Govurn delivers services tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Our services range from software enablement and system integration, to professional services providing strategic and tactical support in addition to event administration.



Our self-service software allows you to conveniently conduct surveys, polls, voting, elections and corporate governance. These features have multiple storage options that can be tailored to your needs, including leveraging blockchain technologies for defined immutability. 



We provide integration services allowing you to leverage the full range of Govurn products in the way that best meets your needs: 

  • White labeling 

  • Integration of products (Govurn and Partner Products) 

  • Customization of products

  • Custom Builds 



Govurn provides the option of a la carte or end to end white glove service for all organizations needing a trusted 3rd party to administer their decision management needs. With our specialty firm, Election Trust, we are able to administer events such as elections, by providing the platform to leverage our partner ecosystem combined with decades of experience to create an event that will enable a successful outcome.  



Govurn and Election Trust leverage their decades of combined experience to provide professional services in the design and execution of decision events. We will help bring clarity to any situation in the domain of decision management and will not only illuminate potential problems and blind spots but also provide actionable solutions and tools for implementation. 



  • Elections: Public, Private and everything in between

  • Collaboration

  • Decision Making 

  • Data collection, analysis, and display

  • Voting, Surveys, Polling

  • Governance: Corporate and Decentralized Systems

  • Paper, Electronic and Hybrid voting

  • Security, Privacy and Storage 

  • Blockchain: Appropriate application and leveraging