A formal and organized comprehensive decision making process in which votes are cast to come to a conclusion in regards to an individual, group, issue, or initiative for example.


Govurn offers simple to complex white glove service elections through our 3rd party authority, Election Trust and utilizing the Govurn Platform. Below are descriptions of use cases and also the feature types that we offer for elections.


Use Cases

  • Public: Public elections

  • Private: Private elections for example an HOA 

  • Quasi: Privately owned business that is public

  • Corporate

  • Blockchain Governance


Feature Types

  • Full (primary and General)

  • Ballot builder

  • Run off

  • Paper

  • Electronic

  • Hybrid 

  • Nominations

  • Registration list 

  • Vote Tally

  • Reporting 

  • Admin Portal 

  • Communications (get out the vote)

  • Access (online, mail, in person)

Election Day