The action of your input and opinion through a vote on a poll, survey, or election. The process of one indicating their choice or opinion on a question or topic. A collection of votes makes a decision.

Govurn offers comprehensive voting options when voting on a poll, survey, election, or governance. You are able to choose to vote via binary (Y/N), rank choice, or run off.



Polls usually contain short and simple questions to come to a conclusion. With polls you receive answers instantly, where as with surveys you usually want to analyze the outcome results. 

Govurn provides the option on the Govurn DMS product to conduct short to long polls on the fly and receive the outcomes clearly displayed afterwards. It is a great way to get the results you want in a fast paced environment.



Collecting comprehensive information through multiple questions. Surveys are used for obtaining insights and collecting data that results in conclusions.

We offer simple to complex and customized surveys through our Govurn DMS. Whether you want to conduct a quick survey at your organization to gain feedback or wish to collect comprehensive information, we got you covered.